Have you been mis-sold a loan?

Let’s put this in plain English. Many excellent businesses have been severely damaged, or in some cases killed off, as a direct result of taking out complex interest rate related loans from the banks.


In many cases these loans were mis-sold. The full implications of these complex products were not thoroughly explained at the time the product was sold.


If you have been the victim of such mis-selling you can claim compensation.


At Howe and Co. our combination of legal, banking, and financial skills places us in a unique position to help you to achieve full redress. Contact our team now for an initial no cost no commitment discussion of your case.


Consequential Loss

Even if you have already received compensation you may well have a claim for consequential loss ... if compensation paid does not cover the actual losses caused by the mis-selling of inappropriate loans.


Global Restructuring Group (GRG)

We are currently undertaking a review of the Global Restructuring Group (GRG) within RBS and considering the position in relation to potential legal action against RBS in this regard. We as a firm can bring experience and specific expertise to the negotiation table on behalf of your company and we would be happy to meet you, without obligation, at your own convenience, at your offices or any venue that is suitable to you to discuss your specific situation and see if we may be of assistance.